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Ivanovo is the administrative, industrial and cultural center of Ivanovo Oblast. The city is located 275 kilometers north-east from Moscow. The population is about 400 thousand people.


1. Ivanovo is located in the center of European Russia with a pleasant moderate continental climate.

2. Ivanovo is part of the cities of the famous tourist route “The Golden Ring of Russia”. Our neighbors are Vladimir, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Nizhny Novgorod.

3. Ivanovo can be called one of the leading educational centers in Russia. The city has 7 state higher education establishments and several branches of well-known Russian universities, as well as many schools, lyceums, gymnasiums, and colleges.

4. In Ivanovo, there are music, drama, and puppet theaters, comfortable cinemas, and a circus. Russian festivals and competitions are held annually. Of great interest is the international film festival “Zerkalo” named after Andrei Tarkovsky.

5. In the city center, on Pushkin Square, on Lenin and Sheremetyevo Avenues, there are cozy cafes, bars, restaurants, clubs.

6. On the banks of the rivers Uvod, Talka and Harinka there are parks where you can spend your time. There are many sports complexes in the city, there is an ice palace, where you can also relax for good health.

7. In bad weather, welcome to the shopping and entertainment centers “Silver City”, “Topol”, “Euroland” and to the all-Russian industrial trading textile complexes “Textile Pro” and “Rio”.


There are several ways to get from Moscow to Ivanovo:

  • – By bus. Buses from Moscow to Ivanovo depart from the Bus Station (Shchelkovskaya metro station), the journey time is about 5 hours.
  • – By train “Lastochka”. It departs from the Kursky Railway Station in Moscow. The journey time is 3 hours 41 minutes.
  • – By car. The journey time is about 4-5 hours.


Ivanovo State University (abbreviated as IvSU) is a major scientific, educational and cultural center.


1. IvSU has its own rich history, which began in 1918. It was at this time that Ivanovo State Pedagogical Institute was founded, on the basis of which a large classical university was opened in 1974.

2. In 2020, the university was accredited, has a license from the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, is a member of the Eurasian Association of Universities and the Russian Association of Classical Universities.

3. The University cooperates with educational institutions in Germany (The University of Passau and Technical University of Berlin), Sweden (Uppsala University), Denmark (Aarhus University, Department of Business Development and Technology in Herning), China (Xiangtan University).

4. More than 3 thousand people (including more than 500 foreign students from 41 countries) study at Ivanovo State University in the main professional educational programs of bachelor’s, specialist’s and master’s degrees.

5. The university employs 67 doctors and 218 candidates of science, implements the main professional educational programs in 26 areas of bachelor’s degree, 1 area of specialist’s degree, 11 areas of master’s degree, 6 areas of postgraduate study.

6. Education at IvSU is possible on a budgetary and contractual basis on full-time, part-time, extramural forms; you can get a second higher education and additional qualifications; there is training in postgraduate and doctoral studies, advanced training.

7. At IvSU, there are 21 scientific and educational associations, for example, the Laboratory of Human Communicative Behavior, the REC of Urban and Regional Studies, the REC of Social and Gender Studies, Chemical Physics, etc. At these centers, you can develop your own scientific topic since your student days.

8. Our publishing house produces a number of serious scientific publications with an international status. Among them are the magazines “Liquid Crystals and Their Practical Application”, “Woman in Russian Society” and “Intelligentsia and the World”, which are included in the lists of Web of Science, Scopus and the Higher Attestation Commission.

9. Our University has 5 academic buildings; 3 comfortable student dormitories, the University library and reading rooms; sports complex; sports camp “Rubskoye Ozero”; the Internet hub, computer and multimedia classes; educational and science labs; zoological and archaeological museums, the Museum of History of the University, the Museum “Writers of the Ivanovo Region”; a botanical garden and a vivarium.

10. IvSU is located in the city center near the park. The buildings and dormitories are located close to each other, within walking distance. Near the University there are two shopping centers and a supermarket, a railway station, a sports complex with a swimming pool, a polyclinic, restaurants and cafes.


So, why do foreign girls and boys from all over the world come to study at IvSU? The opinion of foreign students.

– The largest classical university in the region, which was accredited last year.

– Relatively low cost of education.

– Great opportunities for students in educational and scientific activities.

– Competent teachers.

– Loyal and friendly attitude of the university staff to foreign students.

– Help in solving any issue.

– The student’s life is fun and full of various activities.

– Convenient location of the campus.

– The opportunity to have a great rest, do sports.

– The opportunity to study and work.

– The opportunity to travel around the cities of central Russia.


Batjargal Enkhsaikhan

Graduated from the Faculty of Philology, the specialty “Journalism” in 2011. After returning home, she worked on the main channel of public television in Mongolia. Currently, she works as a public relations specialist in the Ministry of Education of Mongolia.

Angela E. Irene

Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, the specialty “Economics and National Economy Management”, entered postgraduate studies and defended her dissertation in 2006. Currently, she is Deputy Head of the National University Commission, supervising international distance learning programs.

Bumba Ambrosio Da Graca De Paiva

Graduated from the Faculty of Law in 2007. He currently works as an inspector in the Ministry of Interior of Republic of Angola

Bandwal Abdul Ghani

Graduated from the Faculty of Sociology and Psychology, the specialty “Sociology” in 2009. Currently, he works at the UN Office in Kabul as a Program Management Specialist (Office for Peace).

Khuderchuluun Surenjav

Graduated from the Faculty of Law, the specialty “Jurisprudence” in 2002. Currently, he is the Deputy Head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Mongolia.

Bat Otgonbayar

Graduated from the Faculty of Law, the specialty “Jurisprudence” in 2002. Currently, he is the Deputy Head of the International Department of the National Police Agency of Mongolia.